Seamless Ways Of Buying A Superior Quality Straight Razor

5e6be-28313-discommon-goods-straight-razor-features-bannerWith the revival of straight razors in the contemporary era, many shaving enthusiasts are jumping on board to buy one. The straight razors are more often known by other names such as open or cut throat razors. It is also popularly known as a barber’s razor as local barbers prefer straight razors unanimously. These straight razors in the due course were replaced by the safety razors. However, the best straight razor 2016 still find its significance owing to its quality and durability. The portals of portray the earnest love for shaving amidst the menfolk. This article would serve as an introductory guide to know about the best straight razors.

Features of a straight razor
Before purchasing a straight razor, it is imperative to understand the unique features of a straight razor. An explicit understanding about the straight razor leads to a wise buying decision. Amidst the inferior quality razors abounding the market, choosing a right straight razor is the most important thing. The steel used in the straight razor should be of premium quality. It should be hardened based on the stipulated standards. The Sheffield steel which is considered as a hallmark remains the best choice. Avoid inexpensive junk straight razors that are deceptively marketed as top quality razors.

Selecting a straight razor
To buy a good quality straight razor, it is essential to understand its various parts. An in-depth understanding of the assembly of a straight razor prevents you from buying inferiorly crafted blades. The pivot or the pin is an essential part that allows the blade to rotate. If the pin is poorly assembled, then the blade could slip away in the midway of a shave. The handles of the straight razor should represent good quality. Most often, the handles are made of inferior quality plastic that cracks. Carbon fibers or wood are the best choices for constructing handles. The blades of the straight razor should be made of top notch steel. They are not disposable and require maintenance through stropping and honing.

The width of the blade is an important parameter for making a buying decision. The 6/8-inch dimension ideally suits the beginner’s purpose. The blades are also available in 5/8-inch dimension which offers a perfect scope for use. The assembly of a straight razor includes processes such as forging, hardening or tempering, grinding and finishing. It requires a lot of crafting skills at different levels to produce straight razors. Any straight razor that comes with the lowest price tag is indicative of inferior quality materials. A best straight razor is always priced on the higher side owing to its intricate making. Owing to its aesthetic features, the straight razors have a huge antique market.

After a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of a straight razor, select a razor based on its quality, affordability and ease of maintenance. Check for reviews and recommendations online. It is ideal to examine the blade and the handles before buying. Though many manufacturers are into the making of straight razors, choose established brands that ensure quality and value for money. It is now time to begin your hunt for a good quality straight razor.

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