If you’re in the market and finding to buy a new charcoal smoker, you have some good options. These charcoal smoker features are reliable and cheap and may not drain your wallet. By browsing, you are sure to get some valuable inputs for your search. For more information, you can also find tips at

Know some basics before you buy

The charcoal is a substance with many uses. But perhaps the biggest use of coal as an energy source of knowledge is often used in grilling, smoking and barbeque. Sold on the type of particle board, is one of the greatest ways to make your meals and here are some fascinating details on the charcoal smoker you might find useful. Charcoal smoker is arranged in a tower construction which makes it possible to smoke a lot of different things at the same time. It looks small but can pack more than you think. The compact size is ideal since it makes it very easy to store if you don’t want it taking up space in the garden when not in use. Undoubtedly, the Charcoal Smoker is easy to use and gives the finished product an excellent taste.

What to look for?

If you have settled on buying the charcoal smoker, it is a great decision. You have the option of considering three types of charcoal smokers namely a dedicated offset, cabinet and upright smoker. Check with the supplier about the finer details of these types so that you can choose the right one for your needs. The selection is a matter of personal preference. In case if you are very serious about smoking, you can always choose any one of these three types. Otherwise, you can go for the one recommended by your supplier. Before making your final decision read all the reviews in the concerned websites so that you can choose the right one that matches your personal needs.

Size and capacity: This is an important factor you cannot ignore to protect your investment. For a small or medium sized family, the regular size smoker is known to be the best option.

Temperature: Each charcoal smoker comes with different temperature settings. Remember heat control is considered to be vital for smoking and one needs a good practice to adhere in controlling the temperature. It is always better to check the product manual with great care, especially in knowing about the temperature settings.

Accessories: Most of the charcoal smokers come with few accessories like digital meat probes thermostat, wood chip pan, water pan, etc. Whether it is included in the overall package or not, get the BB gloves that offer great protection.

Tips and tricks for beginners
1. Keep the temperature in the Charcoal smoker as stable as you can, and don’t lift the lid more than you have to.
2. Give the charcoal some time to start up before you put on the food.
3. it’s much easier to clean if you line the water pan with aluminium foil.
4. Invest in a good book about smoking as it will tell you all about how to configure a new charcoal smoker.