What is a Weighted Vest?
You would have known what a vest is but what do you mean by weighted vest? You would have already guessed it right. Extra weight added to a vest and used for workouts is called a weighted vest. Train Hard Get Fit with a weighted vest easily increasing your overall health.

The weights can be sand or any other metal objects, which can be changed, based on the amount we can handle. The reason behind adding weights is that when you carry extra weight then your body strength, energy level increases. Since you are not going to wear this outside for a party or for long hours doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality.

Uses of Weighted Vests
Though it is used for exercising, it is up to you to decide on where and how you can make use if it. For example, You can wear it and do your normal routines so you need not spend some extra time in doing a workout with this vest but still gain some strength.

Bone, Lung and Heart Health
Weighted vests improve your cardio health, lungs to take in extra oxygen, Increases the Body Mass Index(BMI), increased bone strength. To prove the fact, an article in WebMD says how daily exercising can improve the health of cardiac organs.

Increases Energy Level
Though all the exercises increase the energy levels, adding extra weight may make the body feel heavier than before leading to more strength in muscles. End of the day body has to have enough capacity on the muscles to apply force.

More Tolerance
Your body should have enough tolerance to hand any stress caused by the body and mental stress which is caused by work. Muscle strength is directly proportional to more tolerance levels. These weighted vests add more stress to the body, in turn, increasing the potential.

Why do people use it?
Though there are a lot of reasons for using weighted vest the first and foremost reason for buying would be to keep you fit.

Practicing for a game
When you are planning to run a long-distance race, it would be ideal to use the “best-weighted vest” while running. Best Weighted Vests are just a single piece for easy usability and it fits all. Running a race is not an easy joke so to prepare yourself you should make sure that your stamina and tolerance levels are more to reach the final destination.

Practicing For Tournament
Running alone is different from games like soccer as they have to focus both on running and at the same time should concentrate on playing with the ball. Same is the case in boxing as they should have the capacity to be able to carry the weight as well as concentrate on winning the battle.Knowing a game is not the only thing to know to win a competition,it’s a combo of increasing the body strength,stamina and tolerance levels to compete and to make those happen the best-weighted vests may be a great solution.